Visitation and Research Policies

Attention to personal goods

To protect the Library’s valuable patrimony, it is not allowed the ingression of bags, luggage, packages, activated mobile phone, recorders, umbrella, sharp instruments and firearm in the reading rooms.

Notebook must be registered

The users who need to work with notebook or tablet must fill in the proper form for transit of their own material, available in the Register and Information Section. Be aware!

Help preserving the works

The use of ballpoint and ink pens, as well as of any type of color pencil, puts at risk the heritage works and, therefore, it is not allowed.

Work leaves only with authorization

The heritage pieces - books, manuscripts, periodicals, iconographic and musical material, engravings, maps or any patrimonial piece - must always remain stored in the Library. In case of cultural interchange, the necessary authorizations in proper form will have to be gotten.

Soft speaking is appropriate

The Library is a study and reading place, therefore, it is recommendable to speak low or to be in silence in the reading rooms and common areas.

Each place has its own rule

Each Reading Room has its proper rules of functioning and length of stay. Find out what it is and what it is not allowed in each one of them and be cooperative.

Feed yourself in external areas

to preserve the heritage and to keep the Library premises clean and free from food waste, eating inside the building it is not allowed.

Respect the anti-tobacco law

Smoking inside the building, including corridors and hallways, elevators, bathroom and exhibition halls is forbidden by Law nº 12.546/2011.

Suggestions are welcome

Through the form “Hearing the Reader”, which can be requested at the Reading Rooms service counters, the Brazilian National Library receives suggestions and commentaries about its heritage and the functioning of the services destined to the public.